Bob The Robber 5: Temple Adventure 2



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In Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure, youll find out if the friendly burglar Bob made the right decision when he changed his profession. Modern buildings may have living inhabitants and guards, but ancient temples are long forgotten, right? And the only residents he would encounter would be reduced to bones and ash, youd think. Surely, the dead wont miss a few dusty relics and a couple of gems or gold nuggets. All of this may have flitted through Bobs mind when he found a map in one of the houses he was robbing. Join him in his 5th adventure as an enthusiastic treasure hunter and try to claim the treasures of the ancient.
Plan the best stealth approach to get the treasures and escape without any even realizing that you were there. Your chosen strategy will determine if bob gets caught or not so be super careful. This temple location supplies 10 different challenging levels for you to try to complete. Good luck!


Left and right arrow to move.
Up arrow to interact.